Costa Smeralda

  • The splendour of the contrasts between sea and land
  • Quiet bays and crystal clear waters
  • VIP’s life
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Gulf of Aranci

  • The wonderful colours of Cala Moresca and Figarolo Isle
  • The waterfront’s Mermaid
  • The walk on the top of Cape Figari
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La Maddalena’s Archipelago

  • Uncontaminated marine environments
  • Enchanting beaches
  • A selection of beauties
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Olbia’s Gulf

  • Pittulongu, the longest beach
  • Nodu Pianu and Cala Banana, the twin bays
  • Cala Delfino and Cala Sassari, the small hidden inlets.
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Tavolara Island and Capo coda Cavallo

  • A world on an Island
  • Guided walks in the nature’s trails
  • Snorkelling in Molara’s natural pools
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